How it works

Step 1: Book a consult

Step 3: Devise a plan

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During the initial consultation, Tamar will conduct a thorough evaluation of your medical history, symptoms, diet, and general lifestyle. If pertinent based on the assessment, Tamar will recommend specific laboratory tests to conduct to provide further information, and will discuss testing options with you during the initial consult. Lab testing may not be necessary in all cases.
Based on lab results and/or the initial evaluation, Tamar will conduct your second consultation to design a customized diet plan to heal your gut. Food sensitivities uncovered during the lab tests will be removed from the diet plan, and professional grade supplements will be recommended to you for purchase and shipped to your home if pertinent.
Practical suggestions of what to eat and recipes/food brand recommendations will be provided. Tamar will also provide a basic explanation of the scientific rationale behind the diet and supplements.

Step 4: Follow up

Step 2: Conduct all lab tests

Follow up sessions every 2-4 weeks will further customize the diet to your lifestlye and needs, and any additional food restrictions and/or food challenges that are determined to be necessary will be implemented. Your food and symptom logs will be reviewed by Tamar and your progress will be discussed.
If lab tests are decided upon during your initial consultation, Tamar will order all lab kits to be shipped to your home with instructions. You will conduct all necessary lab and stool tests and Tamar will be notified of the results.